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Expressive Machines (EMMI)

Expressive Machines Musical Instruments (EMMI) is a band of sonic thrill seekers, composers who have turned to the creation of novel robotic musical instruments to achieve their musical vision. Founded in Charlottesville, Virginia by Troy Rogers, Steven Kemper, and Scott Barton in 2007, the multifaceted organization operates as a composers’ collective, performance troupe, instrument design/development shop, and research group. Expressive Machines is currently available for performances, workshops, and commissions for robotic musical instruments, installations, and compositions.

Since its formation, EMMI has created numerous robotic musical instruments including PAM (Poly-tangent Automatic (multi-)Monochord), MADI (Multi-mallet Automatic Drumming Instrument), CADI (Configurable Automatic Drumming Instrument), CARI (Cylindrical Aerophone Robotic Instrument), AMI (Automatic Monochord Instrument), MARIE (Monochord-Aerophone Robotic Instrument Ensemble), and TAPI (Transportable Automatic Percussion Instrument).

The music composed by EMMI for these robots has been performed throughout North America and Europe at numerous festivals, conferences, clubs, galleries, and other venues. EMMI’s robots have performed composed and improvised works with a multitude of performers, composed by the members of EMMI as well as other composers.

To find the latest news on the performances, instruments, music, and activities of EMMI, check out our web site and connect via social media.

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Expressive Machines Musical Instruments (EMMI), a troupe of composer/robotic instrument maker/performers performs in front of the Harold Golen Gallery as part of The Street Festival during Art Basel Miami, 2012.Troy Rogers with Expressive Machines Musical Instruments (EMMI) at Art Basel Miami, 2012. With composer-collaborators Steven Kemper (left) and Scott Barton (right) as well as various robotic musical instruments created by Expressive Machines.Expressive Machines Musical Instruments' robotic musical instruments AMI, CARI, and TAPI at the Sound and Music Computing Conference 2012 in Copenhagen. Expressive Machines curated a concert of music for robots at the conference.Expressive Machines Musical Instruments' robotic musical instrument TAPI (Transportable Automatic Percussion Instrument) at SMC 2012 in CopenhagenComposers Troy Rogers and Steven Kemper at NIME 2009 with robotic musical instruments PAM (Poly-tangent Automatic (multi-)Monochord) and MADI (Multi-mallet Automatic Drumming Instrument). These musical robots were designed and built by Expressive Machines Musical Instruments (EMMI).The robotic musical instrument system MARIE (Monochord-Aerophone Robotic Instrument Ensemble), created by Expressive Machines Musical Instruments. This modular electroacoustic robotic instrument system (MEARIS) comprises CARI (Cylindrical Aerophone Robotic instrument), a clarinet-like musical robot (left), and the robotic string instrument AMI (Automatic Monochord Instrument), right. Photo credit: Troy Rogers
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