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Soundscape Architecture

Collaboration as a composer and audio analysis and visualization consultant for Karen Van Lengen’s Soundscape Architecture Project, made possible by the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities at the University of Virginia. I analyzed, visualized, and transformed one minute field recordings collected by Karen in a number of iconic architectural spaces, creating composed distillations of the originals.

In addition, I co-taught as Lecturer in Music for a course that emerged from this project: Listening to the Lawn. Developed with Van Lengen and funded by a generous grant from the Jefferson Trust Foundation, this studio-based interdisciplinary seminar included students from Architecture, Music and Computer Science. The course participants creatively interpreted the aural characteristics of the Thomas Jefferson’s Academical Village at the University of Virginia that for the past 200 years, has been primarily celebrated and documented as a visual achievement. The aural character of this special place reveals a complex set of communicative spaces that support a diversity of relations, between nature and culture, between the public and private realms and between the various institutional partners at the University.


Sounds in the City: Soundscape Architecture lets listeners live the experience of being inside 13 iconic buildings through sound alone.

By Caroline Massie
March 7 2014
Architect Magazine

collaborations, music, projects, teaching

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