Troy Rogers (aka Robot Rickshaw) performs with his band of robotic musical instruments at Beaner's Central in Duluth, MN.

Robot Band

August 28, 2015

Robot Rickshaw: a cart full of robotic musical instruments piloted by a lunatic in a hazmat suit+teddy bear

Robot Rickshaw

November 17, 2014

News Robot Rickshaw has a new cd! Featuring live human-robot improvisations with monster drummer Steve Snider. Featured robots include AMI, CARI, MADI, and the vocal robot Stemmetje. Get it now, pay what you want! Feeding of hungry robots is encouraged, as always. Limited numbers of physical copies available at shows and upon request. Robot Rickshaw […]

Expressive Machines Musical Instruments (EMMI) creates robotic musical instruments, compositions, performances, and tools for the creation of musical robots.

Expressive Machines (EMMI)

November 8, 2014

Expressive Machines Musical Instruments (EMMI) is a band of sonic thrill seekers, composers who have turned to the creation of novel robotic musical instruments to achieve their musical vision. Founded in Charlottesville, Virginia by Troy Rogers, Steven Kemper, and Scott Barton in 2007, the multifaceted organization operates as a composers’ collective, performance troupe, instrument design/development […]


MN Made

November 5, 2014

MN MADE 2014 centered around two guests: composer Troy Rogers, who lead Musical Robot workshops and presented a concert, and Zeitgeist, who led workshops and presented a concert of early electroacoustic music. MNMade is a festival celebrating, exploring, and disseminating the handmade and hands-on contemporary musical experience. The festival is especially interested in the practice […]

The robotic musical instrument system MARIE (Monochord-Aerophone Robotic Instrument Ensemble), created by Expressive Machines Musical Instruments. This modular electroacoustic robotic instrument system (MEARIS) comprises CARI (Cylindrical Aerophone Robotic instrument), a clarinet-like musical robot (left), and the robotic string instrument AMI (Automatic Monochord Instrument), right. Photo credit: Troy Rogers


November 4, 2014

MARIE (Monochord-Aerophone Robotic Instrument Ensemble) is a modular electroacoustic robotic instrument system (MEARIS) created by Expressive Machines Musical Instruments (EMMI).

Stemmetje (Dutch: little voice): a vocal robot created by composer and robotic musical instrument maker Troy Rogers. This singing robot consists of multiple robotically tunable Helmholtz resonators tuned to the ranges of human vocal formants.

Stemmetje: a singing vocal robot

March 26, 2014

Stemmetje is a singing vocal robot created by composer and musical robot maker Troy Rogers. It was developed at the Logos Foundation in Ghent, Belgium with Godfried-Willem Raes in 2009-10, during a residency made possible by a Fulbright Research Fellowship. The vocal robot consists of multiple robotically tunable Helmholtz resonators, the frequency ranges of which […]


Lux Brevis

March 10, 2014

Lux Brevis en hommage a Ligeti (2008), for 13 light-activated light-and-sound-emitting spinning tops. Designed and built by Troy Rogers and Ted Coffey, the tops are made from acrylic, steel and electronics. Each houses one of two varieties of amplitude-modulated circuits (“Chirpers” and “Screamers”) whose character is determined by a combination of tunable resistance and light, […]



February 26, 2014

RAVESpace (Reactive, Acoustically Variable, Expanding Space)(2007) is both an interactive installation/instrument and a small-scale model for a project of architectural proportions. Tasked with creating a prototype for a kinetic, responsive building, a group of several architects and a single musician imagined a concert hall that could expand and contract according to occupancy and its environment. […]

Anthony Hornof performs EyeMusic, a musical and multimedia work composed by Troy Rogers with Hornof and Tim Halverson, in which eye movements are sensed with the aid of an eye tracker and mapped to audio and visual control parameters. Photo credit: Anthony Hornof


February 25, 2014

In 2005, I spent a summer working in the University of Oregon’s Cognitive Modeling and Eye Tracking Lab under the direction of Anthony Hornof, exploring music and multimedia performance driven by eye movements sensed in real time using an eye tracker and mapped to various control parameters. The resulting piece, created in collaboration with Anthony […]

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